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Johor Bahru, Malaysia | The most complete 1-day nanny guide, the capital of food

Johor Bahru, Malaysia | The most complete 1-day nanny guide, the capital of food

#I want to be a food recommendation officer

Super cheap air tickets, the gateway to Singapore, a paradise for affordable food, why not use this small Malay city as a pre-stop for your trip to Singapore.

1 You can choose our company to charter a car directly from Singapore to Johor Bahru

2 There are buses from the airport to the city center, the first one at 9 o'clock, and Airasia taxis to JB Railway Station for about 35 Malaysian ringgits

Johor Bahru is better than Singapore Michelin in any meal!

1 Xin Zili Restaurant*
Many locals eat here, and the fish slice fried rice noodles are delicious.  Signature hot and sour fish head pot, I can't get used to it

② Xie Yu Bakery ※※※※

Highly recommend banana cake/shredded coconut buns, baked with wood fire, out of the oven at 11:30, queue at 11 o'clock

3 Wen Qiang Kuey Teow Zai
20-year-old shop, more than 20 kinds of medicinal herbs are used to make marinade, recommended soup kuey teow, intestines, pig skin

4 Dexing Coffee Shop
Best in Johor Bahru! Must-try medicinal paper wrapped chicken, soup bibimbap is amazing!

Recommended but not in time to eat: Triple K Cafe beef noodles, Shangji duck meat rice, Jinlong curry fish head, Ruian stewed soup restaurant, Ouye noodle house, famous Tampin teppanyaki fish, Haihuang Kuey Teow

Johor Bahru Attractions

1 Tan Xu Nian Street
MB Restaurant is the landmark here, but it is a pity that the road is being repaired and it does not look good now. In addition, Xie Yu Bakery, Triple K Cafe Beef Noodles, Roast Coffee and other popular food are all here

This street is named after the Teochew overseas Chinese Tan Xu Nian. His ancestral home in Teochew, Cong Xi Gong Temple, took 14 years to build. It is the pinnacle of Chinese stone carving. If you are interested, you can read my previous Teochew guide

2 Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque

The most photogenic building in Johor Bahru, suitable for portraits

3 Arulmigu Rajamariamman Devasthanam

Indian temple, close to JB train station, you can visit it by the way

4 Glass Hindu Temple
Ticket: 10
Opening hours: 7-12/19-22 o'clock
Indian temple, the interior is full of glass, very strange

5 Royal Crown
The Johor Sultan Palace is here. You can't enter the palace, but you can take pictures of the crown sculpture, a landmark of Johor Bahru

26 Apr 2024