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2024 CNY Carpool &Chartered car service

Hello everyone
 Brothers and sisters, my favorite Lunar New Year will be here again in a few months🧧🧧🧨

 new year carpool
 Every year we make good arrangements for our passengers to go home comfortably and safely for the New Year🥰
 We are now open for 2024
 Carpool carpooling and chartering are now available.
 Hurry up and ask ️

 #There are 105 days left until the 2024 Lunar New Year‼  ️

 #2024 Lunar New Year return home car sharing service is open for reservation‼  ️

 🔢Departure date:
 2024/Feb 7,8,9,10

 Singapore to Kuala Lumpur/Melaka/Metro/Tapa/Kampar/Gopeng/Ipoh

 SG to KL/ Bidor/Tapah/Kampar/Gopeng/Ipoh

 🔢Welcome to inquire about other locations and dates
 Welcome to inquire about charter service

 🧧🧨Happy New Year and return to your hometown🧨🧧

 ✔️Not oppressive
 ✔️No need to get off the car to pass the checkpoint
 Happy New Year🧧🧧🧨🧨🧨
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30 Oct 2023