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●The most comprehensive guide to Legoland, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

●The most comprehensive guide to Legoland, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

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A must-visit place in Johor Bahru, Malaysia is Legoland. Legoland Johor Bahru is one of the 10 Legoland parks that have been built and opened in the world, and is currently the largest Legoland park in Asia.  The park has seven major themed scenic spots. It is a very inspiring world where you can use your unlimited imagination to face various challenges, big and small!
Attractions: Small roller coaster Lego Kingdoms Dragon's Apprentice: the shortest, entry level among the three roller coasters

 2 Medium roller coaster The great Lego Race VR Coaster It is strongly recommended to wear VR equipment for a full experience;

 3 Large Roller Coaster: Conquer the Dragon: The longest, there are characters made of Lego bricks at the beginning of the ride. Generally speaking, the three roller coasters are not exciting;
4. Legoland Observation Tower. Slowly rise up, rotate a few times at the highest point, and overlook the entire Legoland.

5 Legoland Dino Island: Equivalent to the rapids of other amusement parks. Go ahead bravely. You will be completely wet after playing. Remember to bring a disposable raincoat or after playing.

 There is full-body drying equipment on site, priced at MYR 10 per time; GLegoland Ninjago - a 3D version of the action game, 3D glasses will be given, and a manual monster-killing game;

 7 Ninjago Live Show - similar to the Muppet Show, except that the puppets are replaced by Lego characters, about 25 minutes, the scenery and dubbing are quite good;

 8 Rebuild the World - Various national landmark buildings made of Lego bricks are very spectacular and worth seeing!

 Ticket information: one-day ticket package (water park, aquarium, theme park) and one-day ticket for Legoland Theme Park

22 Sep 2023